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Church of the Redeemer


Church of the Redeemer stands at a unique place in the history of our congregation, and at an important moment in our city and country regarding how Christians and Christianity are perceived. Facing the realities of our own growth, the opportunities before us, and the needs around us, we believe God is leading Church of the Redeemer into an exciting, courageous, and impactful season. We invite you to partner with us, to Invest & Engage Together, as we renovate and expand our facility to make more and better spaces for the work of mercy, justice, and discipleship. Check out the above video for more about our campaign (or click here to watch on YouTube)



Our desire is to increasingly engage the growing mercy & justice needs of our diverse community that includes refugees, immigrants, and Dreamers. And, we want to do this through much needed programs like:

- ESL classes
- GED classes
- Job training programs
- College readiness programs
- A Latino church plant


Our Vision

Church of the Redeemer is called:

To be transformed by God's mercy and grace into a community of priests engaged in his redeeming work in Atlanta and the world.



Our Impact

Serving alongside Sandy Springs Mission, Church of the Redeemer currently helps and mentors 20-40 Latino elementary students and 60-80 middle school students impacting more than 100 local Latino 100 families 4 days a week. We are very excited and thankful that students who continue with our program show a graduation rate of over 90% compared with the Georgia state average of 62%.











From focus groups, to capacity studies, plan review groups, and multiple Campus Conversations we've been asking the questions. Searching for and sharing the answers remains an important part of the process.



Why are we doing this? Our classrooms are used 7 days each week and need to be renovated. Our church, and especially our youth group, is growing and we have run out of space. We need more room for our current mercy & justice ministries, as well as space for additional ministries and programs to serve the poor and the needy of our community. We believe that God desires his people and his church to be especially known for serving the poor and the needy (Matthew 25:31-46).


How much space will the new building add? The usable square footage of our current office building will quadruple from 2,200 to 9,700 square feet, which is the maximum increase of usable square footage Sandy Springs’ ordinances will allow.


How much will the renovations and new building cost? The estimated costs currently stand at $1.9 million. Our goal is to secure the full amount over 3 years through this Capital Campaign so that construction loans will be fully paid off. 


How long will the renovations and new building take? We anticipate that the renovation of our current facility will take 8 weeks during May-June 2018. Our target to begin construction on the new building is Spring 2019.


MARCH 2018

"How do we achieve such a high rate of success? We start early and nurture our students … We partner with their parents, we have strong relationships with the school administrators and their teachers, and once a school recommends a child for the Mission, each child - and their family - receives unique support…" 

Felix Lora / Director of our After School Mentoring Program for local Latino students.


Get Involved

Check out this website. View the videos and testimonies. Share this opportunity with friends and family, and invite them to Invest & Engage Together with us in our 3-year Capital Campaign!


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