Church of the Redeemer Capital Campaign



As a Community of Priests, Church of the Redeemer is entering into perhaps one of her most courageous and impactful seasons as we "Invest and Engage Together." 

Our church is growing and our church, children, and youth need more and improved spaces. We are out of space and we need to renovate several key parts of our facility. The children and youth of Church of the Redeemer are important and these ministries are crucial to us.

At the same time, we believe God is leading us to invest and engage in the mercy and justice needs of our local community at this crucial juncture in time. Immigration, refugees, Dreamers, and undocumented aliens have become highly politicized and divisive topics in our nation. What is the Christian church's role in this? We believe the answer to that question is simple, clear, unequivocal, and also inspiring. It is to make investing, engaging, and serving together one of the highest priorities for our space, resources, and time. God has graciously grown Church of the Redeemer and we urgently need more space for our children, youth, and discipleship ministries. Parts of our facility are long overdue for a face-lift. And, all of these spaces, new and renovated, are also for serving the poor and the needy in our city. Creating healthy and relevant physical environments is essential to our mission of engaging our community with the gospel and investing in our families.  

Through our partnership with Sandy Springs Mission, it is our honor and privilege to serve, help, and mentor 60-80 Latino Middle School students and 20-40 Elementary students after-school four days a week. We need more and better spaces for them. Renovated and new multipurpose spaces are essential to our mission of engaging our community's needs more through various ministries such as:

  • GED Classes
  • ESL
  •  Job/Career Training
  • College Readiness
  • A Latino Church Plant

We are asking everyone at Church of the Redeemer to pray for and support this critical move in the life of our church. We are also inviting friends and family members who don't attend Church of the Redeemer to Invest & Engage Together with us!    

You will find some preliminary information here on this website. In the coming weeks it will be updated, so check back often! We can't wait to see what God has for us in the months and years ahead.  

Your partners in priesting, 

Pastor Ewan, the staff, and the elders
of Church of the Redeemer


What Our Students Say

"Church of the Redeemer needs more classrooms so children from my school can get help with their homework and learn about God."