Opportunities for giving

Every person can meaningfully Invest & Engage Together in what God is doing through Church of the Redeemer. While there is no formula for contributing to the Capital Campaign, below are opportunities and strategies for giving you might consider as you make your commitment.


Income-stream Giving: Giving as you receive income from your  regular income, bonuses, and/or through  your personal business.

Sacrificial Investment Giving:  Changing your lifestyle/priorities to create additional resources for giving.

Delaying Expenditures: Postponing anticipated purchases to free  resources for giving.

Freedom from Debt: After a debt is retired, using the resources that were  applied to that debt for giving.

Giving Assets

If an investment like stocks, real estate, or other assets has increased in value since its purchase, and has been held for more than one year, then there may be tax advantages to transferring ownership of that asset to the church as a charitable donation. Giving the appreciated asset may eliminate potential capital gains taxes for the donor while still allowing the donor to receive the contribution credit for the current market value of the asset. Because of its tax-exempt status, Redeemer can sell the asset and receive full market value less transaction costs.